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Shared Objects - Restrictions

At present, the following restrictions apply to shared objects:

  • On 32-bit systems, only a limited amount of memory space is available for storing shared objects, due to the restricted address space. For this reason, shared objects can only be used on 32-bit systems under certain conditions.
  • When data objects referenced using data references are stored, the restriction also applies that the dynamic type cannot be created at program runtime. Direct references to data elements and table types belonging to ABAP Dictionary are, however, possible.
  • The memory consumption of shared objects in the shared memory cannot be monitored using Memory Inspector.
  • Memory bottlenecks sometimes occur in the shared objects memory, but it is possible to handle them. The associated exception class is CX_SHM_OUT_OF_MEMORY.
  • There is no memory restriction for logical areas, which generally consist of multiple area instances. There are currently only memory restrictions for individual area instances.
  • The lifetime of area instances cannot be bound to the lifetime of user sessions, ABAP sessions, or transactions. Area instances currently exist as long as the AS Instance.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54