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Specific Derived Types

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


TYPES type_for_update TYPE TABLE FOR UPDATE CDS_entity_name. 

TYPES type_for_id     TYPE LINE OF          type_for_update-%key.

TYPES type_for_data   TYPE LINE OF          type_for_update-%data.

TYPES type_for_row    TYPE STRUCTURE FOR    type_for_update.


Alongside derived parameter types (the types of the input parameter and output parameter), certain derived data types can also be defined for the ID fields and data fields.

Using TYPE STRUCTURE FOR it is possible to directly get the row type of a derived table type. This way, the two-stage solution using LINE OF can be avoided.


In the following example, the data from the ABAP flight data reference scenario (or flight data scenario for short) is used. It represents a legacy business logic that can be used to create and edit flight bookings. The root entity Travel represents the business object for managing flight trips. The underlying data model and the behavior of the root entity Travel are described in ABAP BDL - Example.

        INHERITING FROM cl_abap_behavior_handler.
      tt_travel_update       TYPE TABLE FOR UPDATE  travel
      ts_travel_update_id    TYPE LINE OF   tt_travel_update-%key
      ts_travel_update_data  TYPE LINE OF   tt_travel_update-%data
      tt_travel_update_row   TYPE STRUCTURE FOR   tt_travel_update.


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