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sql_exp - sql_func

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... sql_func( ... sql_exp ... ) ...


Calling a predefined function in ABAP SQL. The result is the return value of the function with the associated dictionary type. As a rule, the arguments of the built-in functions cover one or more SQL expressions.


  • Specifying a predefined function always means specifying an SQL expression. Predefined functions can only be called for operand positions for which SQL expressions are possible.


Uses the built-in functions CONCAT, CONCAT_WITH_SPACE, and LOWER in a SELECT list.

SELECT FROM   spfli 
       FIELDS CONCAT( CONCAT( LOWER( carrid ), '_' ), 
                             LOWER( CAST( connid AS CHAR ) ) ) AS key, 
              CONCAT_WITH_SPACE( CONCAT( cityfrom, 
                                ',' ), cityto, 1 ) AS cities 
       WHERE carrid = '...' 
       INTO TABLE @DATA(result). 

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ABAP SQL - Built-In Functions sql_func