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ST - option, Mapping Rules for XML Fragments

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... option="[preserveWS][,stripWS][,preserveCharRef][,noRootAttr]"


If one or more of the values preserveWS, stripWS, preserveCharRef, or noRootAttr are specified for option, the mapping rule for XML fragments is changed. These values are only respected by data objects that are declared with a reference to the domain XSDANY.


If the value preserveWS is specified, all whitespace (blanks and line breaks) is preserved in deserializations.


If the value stripWS is specified, all whitespace (blanks and line breaks) is stripped in deserializations.


The value preserveCharRef prevents character references from being resolved.


The value noRootAttr is used to change the mapping rule for XML fragments so that no attribute asx:root containing the name of the root element of the XML fragment is added to the XML element. In deserializations, the root element is given the name of the XML element.


In deserializations to XSDANY, whitespace in front of the first element is removed and whitespace from the first element is preserved.

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