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ST - tt:clear, Initialization

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


<tt:clear [ref="node"|var="variable"] />


The statement tt:clear can be used to initialize a data root, a variable, or a parameter.

ref or var are used to specify the field that is to be initialized. If no field is specified, the current node is used implicitly. The following fields are possible:


In serializations, only variables (or parameters) are initialized. If a node is specified with ref or if the current node is specified implicitly, tt:clear is ignored in serializations.


In deserializations, the specified nodes or variables (or parameters) are initialized.


The transformation below shows an initialization:

  <tt:root name="ROOT"/>
    <tt:ref name="ROOT">

In deserializations, the initial value is assigned to the ABAP data object bound to the data root ROOT.