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String Functions, escape for HTML

This example demonstrates the string function escape for HTML.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    DATA: body     TYPE string,
          esc_body TYPE string.

    body = `<table border> `
        && `<tr><td>11</td><td>12</td></tr> `
        && `<tr><td>21</td><td>22</td></tr> `
        && `</table>`.

    esc_body = escape( val    = body
                       format = cl_abap_format=>e_html_text ).

      )->begin_section( 'Original text'
      )->write_text( body

      )->next_section( 'Original text formatted as HTML'
      )->write_html( body

      )->next_section( 'Escaped text'
      )->write_text( esc_body

      )->next_section( 'Escaped text formatted as HTML'
      )->write_html( esc_body

      )->display( ).


The program applies the function escape to a string used as the body of an HTML file. The string is displayed as a text and as an HTML file both before and after the function is executed.