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val - Input Value

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... ( ... val = text ...  ) ...


text passes the main argument to be processed by the function. text is an extended character-like expression position. Functional method calls, table expressions, and constructor expressions whose return value is convertible to the type string can also be specified. Only elementary data types can be edited.

If a character-like data object with a fixed length is specified, any trailing blanks are ignored. Non-character-like return values are converted to the data type string.


  • The conversion operator CONV can be applied to edit those non-elementary data types that can be converted to an elementary character-like data type (such as structures with character-like-only flat components).

  • Explicit specification of val = can also be optional.


The following two function calls are the same, as specification of val = in to_upper is optional.

DATA(result1) = to_upper( val = 'aAbBcC' ). 
DATA(result2) = to_upper(       'aAbBcC' ).