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Class for Trailing Blanks

The class CL_ABAP_STRING_UTILITIES contains methods for processing text strings.

  • C2STR_PRESERVING_BLANKS assigns text fields while preserving the trailing blanks.
  • DEL_TRAILING_BLANKS deletes the trailing blanks from strings.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


Tasks like this can now also be performed using statements and built-in functions.


The program compares the method C2STR_PRESERVING_BLANKS with the built-in function shift_right. The implementation of the method now consists of nothing more than this function.

DATA(str) = `abc   `. 

DATA(rslt) = str. 
cl_abap_string_utilities=>del_trailing_blanks( CHANGING str = rslt ). 

ASSERT rslt =  shift_right( str ).

This translation does not reflect the current version of the documentation.