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Texts in Text Pools

Text pools are persistent repositories for the following text elements:

There is one text pool for the original language of the program and one text pool for each translation language. Text pools are supported for the following program types:

  • Executable programs
  • Class pools
  • Function groups
  • Module pools
  • Subroutine pools

From which text pool an ABAP program takes its texts depends on the logon language or a secondary language
or can be configured while the program is being executed .

  • When a program is loaded into an internal session, the text elements of the text pool of the logon language are imported by default. If this text pool does not exist, the text pool of the secondary language in AS ABAP is used. If none of these text pools exists, an empty text pool without text elements is loaded.
  • When the program is executed, the text pool of a different language can be loaded using the statement SET LANGUAGE.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


In global classes and function groups, the text pools are assigned to the associated framework program. In the repository, this program has a different name from the class or function group.