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Data Consistency

When data in database tables is modified by application programs, it must be ensured that the data is consistent after the changes have been made. This is particularly important when data is edited in the database. The time span in which a consistent data state is transferred to another consistent state is known as an LUW (Logical Unit of Work). If an error occurs in an LUW, it is possible to undo all changes made up to this point and roll the data back to its original consistent state (rollback). When a new consistent state has been reached, this new state can be committed and a new LUW can be opened.

AS ABAP has two types of LUWs:

  • SAP LUWs realized using special ABAP programming techniques

Accordingly, there are two lock types that are of significance:

  • SAP locks set using special ABAP programming techniques

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The authorizations of a user when accessing data are also relevant for data consistency. The statement AUTHORITY-CHECK is used for explicit authorization checks in ABAP programs. Alongside this, the ABAP CDS offers its own access control based on implicit evaluations of access conditions.


Database LUW


Database Locks

SAP Locks