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utclong_diff - Time Stamp Function

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... utclong_diff( high = time_stamp2 
                  low  = time_stamp1 ) ...


This function calculates the time difference between the values of two time stamp fields time_stamp2 and time_stamp1. The return value has the type decfloat34 and contains the precise difference in seconds rounded to seven decimal places. If the time stamp in time_stamp2 is later than the time stamp in time_stamp1, the result is positive. If the values are identical, the result is 0. In all other cases, the result is negative.

Time stamp fields of the type utclong containing valid time stamps must be passed to the arguments high and low. time_stamp2 and time_stamp1 are time-stamp-like expression positions. An initial time stamp is handled like the lowest possible value of a time stamp.


  • The system class CL_ABAP_UTCLONG contains a method DIFF with multiple output parameters for days, hours, minutes, and seconds (across which the time difference is spread) instead of just one return parameter.

  • If the function utclong_diff is used as the right side of an assignment or other operand positions in which the return value is converted, the decimal places are converted in accordance with the general conversion rules for source field type decfloat34, if necessary, and are not cut off. If the decimal places are to be cut off, the built-in function trunc can be applied to the return value.


Calculates the time interval in microseconds between successive time stamps from an internal table.

DATA time_stamps TYPE TABLE OF utclong WITH EMPTY KEY. 
time_stamps = VALUE #( FOR i = 1 UNTIL i > 11 
                         ( utclong_current( ) ) ). 
cl_demo_output=>write( time_stamps ). 

  VALUE diffs( FOR _ts IN time_stamps FROM 2 INDEX INTO i 
               ( utclong_diff( 
                  high = _ts 
                  low  = time_stamps[ i - 1 ] ) * 1000000 ) ) ). 


Handleable Exceptions


  • Cause: A time stamp specified for high or low is invalid.
    Runtime error: INVALID_UTCLONG

Non-Handleable Exceptions

  • Cause: An argument without a time stamp type is passed to high or low.
    Runtime error: TCHK_TYPE_LOAD