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sql_cond - IS INITIAL

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... operand IS [NOT] INITIAL ...


This relational expression is true if the value of the operand operand is (is not) the initial value of its built-in dictionary type.

The following applies for operand:


  • The expression IS [NOT] INITIAL is suitable for checking the type-dependent initial value (regardless of its actual data type), instead of comparing it with a type-friendly operand that contains the initial value. This is of particular use in dynamic conditions.
  • The expression IS [NOT] INITIAL must not be confused with the expression IS [NOT] NULL.
  • If used, the relational expression IS [NOT] INITIAL forces strict mode from Release 7.53.


Reads the rows of the database table DEMO_DDIC_TYPES in which a dynamically specified column contains their type-dependent initial value.

DATA column TYPE string VALUE `INT8`. 
cl_demo_input=>request( CHANGING field = column ). 
column = to_upper( column ). 

DATA(components) = CAST cl_abap_structdescr( 
  cl_abap_typedescr=>describe_by_name( 'DEMO_DDIC_TYPES' ) 

IF NOT line_exists( components[ name = column ] ). 
  cl_demo_output=>display( `Invalid request` ). 

DATA(cond) = column && ` IS INITIAL`. 
    SELECT * 
           FROM demo_ddic_types 
           WHERE (cond) 
           INTO TABLE @DATA(result). 
  CATCH cx_sy_dynamic_osql_semantics INTO DATA(xref). 
    cl_demo_output=>display( xref->get_text( ) ).