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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


FIELD dynp_field { [ MODULE mod [cond] ] 
                 | [ [MODULE mod] WITH hlp ] }.


The statement FIELD of the dynpro flow logic controls the data transport from the dynpro to the ABAP program during the event PAI. It can be combined with the MODULE statement to call dialog modules conditionally, to allow any input to be checked, and to allow self-programmed field and input helps at POH time and POV time.

FIELD can be used in the event blocks at PBO, PAI, POH, and POV, but is ignored in the event block at PBO. dynp_field expects a dynpro field of the current dynpro. The statement has the following effect:

  • In the event block at PAI, FIELD controls the time when the data transport from dynpro field dynp_field to the global data object with the same name of the ABAP program takes place.
  • In the event block at PAI, FIELD can be combined with a MODULE statement to call a module mod according to the conditions cond for the dynpro field dynp_field and to allow input checks with error handling.
  • In the event blocks at POH and POV, FIELD can either be combined with a MODULE statement (without cond condition) to call a module mod with self-programmed field or input help or, with the addition WITH of POH, a data element additional documentation can be called.

If a switch is assigned to the dynpro field dynp_field in Screen Painter, the statement FIELD is respected only if the dynpro field has been activated by the switch.


The statement FIELD has two further additions, VALUES and SELECT, for executing an obsolete value check in the flow logic.


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