Using abapGit and Github as an ABAP code review tool


  • No code review tool
  • Github development flow is easy to understand
    • Pull request flow allows code reviews
    • Possible to track code review changes
  • Leverage abapGit offline functionalities
started ~3 years ago
~1000 commits
12 contributors
~40000 lines
7.02 and up
Proposed "offline + github" Workflow
Step 1 - Create a github abapGit project
Step 2 - Developer receives a new User Story, creates a Transport request and work over it
Step 3 - When development is done, release the task
Step 4 - zip the request using abapGit
Step 5 - Create a branch, commit contents from zip

						$ git clone
						$ git checkout -b "user-story-37-foo"
						Unzip abapGit files into folder
						$ git add *
						$ git commit -m "Task SD4K900424"
						$ git push origin user-story-37-foo
Step 6 - Open a pull request, sets reviewer , code is reviewed
Step 7 - Developer adjusts the code and push to branch again. Reviewer checks again. Code review is complete.

Alternative workflows/improvements

  • Current proposed workflow requires lots of manual work, could be automated using abap BAPIs and abapGit APIs
  • Instead of using an offline repository, one could directly conect to github also with abapGit
  • setup a CI server to run unit tests and code inspector based on the task
  • abapGit works on R3TR level not LIMU. I.e. 2 methods in a class can be in 2 different transports, however in abapGit it is the same object.


Eduardo Ferrari Copat