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Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54




This statement defines an event block whose event is triggered by the ABAP runtime environment if, during the display of a screen list, a function with a self-defined function code was chosen.


Self-defined function codes are all those that include character combinations, except for the following:

  • The function codes "PICK" and "PFnn" ("nn"stands for 01 to 24) do not cause the event AT USER-COMMAND, but the events AT LINE-SELECTION and AT PFnn.
  • All function codes that start with the character "%" are interpreted as system functions and do not cause the event AT USER-COMMAND. The system functions for lists are listed in the following table 1.
  • The function codes in the following table 2, likewise, do not cause the event AT USER-COMMAND, but are handled by the list processor.

Table 1

Function code Function
%CTX Call a context menu
%EX Exit
%PC Save to file
%PRI Print
%SC Search for ...
%SC+ Find next
%SL Search in office
%ST Save to report tree

Table 2

Function code Function
P- Scroll to previous page
P-- Scroll to first page
P+ Scroll to next page
P++ Scroll to last page
PFILE name Store list lines in a text file named "abap.lst" in standard character representation in the standard directory of theapplication server.If a name is entered using name, this is converted to lowercase letters and used as the file name.
PL- Scroll to first line of the page
PL-n Scroll n lines back
PL+ Scroll to last line of the page
PL+n Scroll n lines up
PNOP No effect
PP- Scroll back one page
PP-n Scroll n pages back
PP+ Scroll one page forward
PP+n Scroll n pages forwad
PPn Scroll to beginning of page n
PS-- Scroll to first column
PS++ Scroll to last column
PS- Scroll one column to the left
PS-n Scroll n columns to the left
PS+ Scroll one column to the right
PS+n Scroll n columns to the right
PSn Scroll to column n
PZn Scroll to line n
RW Cancel


This program works with a self-defined GUI status MYLIST. The function that is linked there with the function code MY_SELECTION causes the event AT USER-COMMAND during list display and also creates details lists.

REPORT demo_at_user_command. 

  WRITE 'List line'. 

  IF sy-lsind = 20. 
  CASE sy-ucomm. 
      WRITE: / 'You worked on list', sy-listi, 
             / 'You are on list', sy-lsind.