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MESSAGE - text

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... text TYPE mtype ... . 


This variant sends a character string in text as a message of the message type specified in mtype. You can enter a character-like data object text to be used as a short text for the message. Only the first 300 characters in text are respected. No long text can be defined for a message of this type.

mtype expects a character-like data object containing the message type in uppercase letters. Invalid message types raise a non-handleable exception.


  • In this variant, the additions WITH and INTO in message_options are not allowed.
  • If field symbols or formal parameters of the type any or data are specified for text, these must be character-like when the statement is executed. The syntactically identical variant MESSAGE oref cannot be executed using generically typed field symbols or formal parameters.
  • The system fields sy-msgid and sy-msgno are filled in a non-specific way when a character string is specified. This means that this variant should only be used on rare occasions if the content of the system fields is not required for identifying the message. Otherwise, in all cases in which messages are passed using these system fields (for example, from function modules) or logged (for example, in batch input), language-independent access to the message text would be lost.


Produces an exception text as an information message.

DATA: oref TYPE REF TO cx_sy_arithmetic_error, 
      text TYPE string. 
  CATCH cx_sy_arithmetic_error INTO oref. 
    text = oref->get_text( ). 
    MESSAGE text TYPE 'I'.