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SUBMIT - job_options

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... [USER user] VIA JOB job NUMBER n... . 


This addition schedules the execution of the program accessed as a background task with the number n in the background request job. The number n for a background request job is supplied by function module JOB_OPEN in function group BTCH. The full program is not processed directly but in background processing, according to the parameters specified for the background request. You can use the optional addition USER to specify a user ID user of the type sy-uname, which is used to execute the background task. The addition VIA JOB can only be used together with the addition AND RETURN.

The VIA JOB addition also loads the program accessed in a separate internal mode when the SUBMIT statement is executed and the system performs all the steps specified before START-OF-SELECTION. This means the events LOAD-OF-PROGRAM and INITIALIZATION are triggered and selection screen processing is performed. If the selection screen is not processed in the background when VIA SELECTION-SCREEN is specified, the user of the calling program can eidit it and schedule the program accessed in the background request using the function Place in Job. If the user cancels selection screen processing, the program is not scheduled in the background job. In both cases, execution of the program executed is completed after selection screen processing and the system returns to the calling program due to the AND RETURN addition.

When the program is scheduled in the background task, the selections specified by the user or in the additions for filling the selection screen are stored in an internal variant. When the program is executed in the background request, it is processed fully but the selection screen is processed in the background. The system triggers all events, including that for selection screen processing. The variant stored internally is passed to the selection screen between the INITIALIZATION and AT SELECTION SCREEN OUTPUT events.

If a basic list is created in the program accessed, you should create a spool request with explicit print parameters by specifying TO SAP-SPOOL. Otherwise the VIA JOB addition implicitly creates a spool request that derives its print parameters from standard values, some of which are taken from the user defaults, and which are not necessarily consistent.

System Fields

sy-subrc Meaning
0 Background task scheduled successfully.
4 Scheduling terminated by the user on the selection screen.
8 Error during the scheduling, that is during the internal call of JOB_SUBMIT.
12 Error during internal number assignment


You can create and monitor background jobs by choosing the menu path System - Services - Jobs. Internally, the language elements shown here are used. In addition to JOB_OPEN, the function modules JOB_CLOSE and JOB_SUBMIT can also be used in the ABAP program. JOB_CLOSE closes the creation of a background request. Like the SUBMIT statement, JOB_SUBMIT schedules an ABAP program as a background task in a background request. JOB_SUBMIT provides more control options for background processing but must receive the input values for the selection screen in an existing variant. The SUBMIT statement creates this variant and accesses JOB_SUBMIT internally.


Scheduling a submitable program as a background task with the number number in a background request name. After scheduling, the background task is completed by function module JOB_CLOSE and released immediately providing the user has the relevant authorization.

DATA: number           TYPE tbtcjob-jobcount,
      name             TYPE tbtcjob-jobname VALUE 'JOB_TEST',
      print_parameters TYPE pri_params.


    jobname              = name
    jobcount             = number
    cant_create_job  = 1
    invalid_job_data = 2
    jobname_missing      = 3
    OTHERS           = 4.
IF sy-subrc = 0.
  SUBMIT submitable TO SAP-SPOOL
                    SPOOL PARAMETERS print_parameters
                    WITHOUT SPOOL DYNPRO
                    VIA JOB name NUMBER number
                    AND RETURN.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
        jobcount             = number
        jobname              = name
        strtimmed            = 'X'
        cant_start_immediate = 1
        invalid_startdate    = 2
        jobname_missing      = 3
        job_close_failed     = 4
        job_nosteps          = 5
        job_notex            = 6
        lock_failed          = 7
        OTHERS           = 8.
    IF sy-subrc <> 0.