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SYNTAX-CHECK - Internal Additions

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Internal Additions

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

These additions are for internal use only. Do not use them in application programs.


1. ... SHORTDUMP-ID sid

2. ... TRACE-TABLE trt

3. ... REPLACING incl

4. ... FRAME ENTRY dir

5. ... ID id TABLE idt
6. ... FILTER flt

Addition 1



If a runtime error occurs, the field sid returns the maximum 30-character key of the corresponding short dump.

Addition 2



Any trace outputs are stored in the internal table trt. The trace output is controlled by the statements SYNTAX-TRACE ON and SYNTAX-TRACE OFF. A standard table without secondary keys can be specified for trt.

Addition 3

... REPLACING incl


This addition can only be used together with the PROGRAM addition and under the following prerequisites:

The program text contained in the internal table itab does not include the main program, it contains an include program instead, and the program named under PROGRAM is to be checked. However, if the include program specified in incl is integrated in this program, the content of the internal table itab should be used instead.

Addition 4



The attributes required for checking the program (e.g. logical database, program type) are taken from the field dir, whereby a structure of type TRDIR is expected for dir.

Addition 5

... ID id TABLE idt


This addition writes information to the internal table idt. The identifier id controls the type of information that is written to the corresponding table itab.

For correction proposals (ID 'CORR'), the type group SLIN must be incorporated, and for other information, the type group SYNT. These type groups contain the required type specifications.

After ID, the following values can be entered for id, which generate the specified information:

Value Information
MSG Warning messages
CORR Correction Suggestions
ERR Error Messages
SYMB Technical dump of the symbol table
DATA Data objects of the program
DPAR Help properties of data objects
TYPE Type objects of program
FOTY Type objects, used by subroutines
FUTY Type objects, used by function modules
TYCH Components of type objects
CROS Referenced data objects
STR Name
FORM Subroutines
FPAR Subroutine parameter (FORM)
PERF Subroutine calls
APAR Subroutine parameter (PERFORM)
FUNC Function modules
FFPA Function module parameter
CALL Function module calls
FAPA Function module parameter (CALL FUNCTION)
HYPH Data objects with hyphens in names
INCL Includes in program

If ERR (collection of error messages) is specified and not all of the source code can be processed, sy-subrc is set to the value 6 instead of the value 4.


Collecting syntax warnings in a table.

DATA:  prog_tab TYPE TABLE OF string, 
       message  TYPE string, 
       line     TYPE i, 
       word     TYPE string, 
       warnings TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF rslinlmsg. 

                 MESSAGE message 
                 LINE    line 
                 WORD    word 
                 PROGRAM '...' 
                 ID 'MSG' TABLE warnings. 

Addition 6

... FILTER flt


Only the ABAP statements specified in flt are taken into account in the check. flt must have the type SYNT_FILTER from the type group SYNT.

Possible values are:

Statements included in the interface of a program
Statements that are required for method calls.