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XSL Transformations in the Repository

XSL transformations that can be called using a CALL TRANSFORMATION statement must exist in the repository as XSLT programs. XSLT programs are edited in the Transformation Editor, which can be accessed directly using transaction STRANS or called up in Object Navigator in ABAP Workbench by choosing Edit Object → More → Transformation and selecting XSLT Program.

SAP delivers the identity transformation under the name ID. If you perform an identity transformation from XML to XML, the result is a copy of the source document. If you perform an identity transformation from ABAP to XML, this produces a canonical XML representation (asXML) of the ABAP data (explicit serialization). An identity transformation from XML to ABAP transforms a canonical XML representation to ABAP data (explicit deserialization).

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


The identity tranformation ID is not completely symmetrical. When text strings that contain only blanks are serialized, the result is a node with the same number of blanks. When nodes that contain only spaces (blanks, line breaks) are deserialized, however, an empty text is created.