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MOVE EXACT - Elementary Data Objects

In assignments between incompatible elementary data objects, the EXACT addition ensures that no values are lost. Regardless of the value of the source field, the EXACT addition generally does not permit assignments between data objects with the following data types. The is because with these data types, values are always lost when the conversion rules are applied.

  • From x, xstring to d, n, and t and the other way around
  • From d and t to b and s

Conversions from d to t (and the other way around) are not permitted, regardless of whether the EXACT addition is used. Other conversions that are not permitted are conversions in which byte-like fields are converted directly or as an intermediate result to the data type i (or the other way around).

If illegal assignments are made, a syntax error occurs, or if the cause cannot be identified statically, an exception of the class CX_SY_CONVERSION_EXACT_NOT_SUP is raised. This also occurs with types for which assignments are permitted, but for which a loss of values can be identified regardless of the content, for example, if an assignment is made to fields that are too short.

When permitted assignments are made between incompatible elementary data objects, the EXACT addition checks the contents of the source field at runtime as follows:

When assignments are made between compatible elementary data objects for which no conversion is required, no checks are performed and no exceptions are raised.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • When the EXACT addition is used, a handleable exception is always raised when an illegal assignment is made. This occurs in particular with assignments between d and t. If the EXACT addition is not used, an unhandleable exception is raised.

  • If a source field contains an invalid or inappropriate value, this is assigned to a compatible target field, even if the EXACT is used.


See Lossless Assignment.


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