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PROVIDE - Short Reference


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


PROVIDE FIELDS {|{comp1 comp2 ...}} 
               FROM itab1 INTO wa1 VALID flag1 ...
               BOUNDS intliml1 AND intlimu1
               [WHERE log_exp1]
        FIELDS {
|{comp1 comp2 ...}}
               FROM itab2 INTO wa2 VALID flag2
               BOUNDS intliml2 AND intlimu2
               [WHERE log_exp2]
        BETWEEN extliml AND extlimu


Evaluates a join of special internal tables in a loop. The join is based on overlapping value intervals in the internal tables involved.


  • FIELDS {*|{comp1 comp2 ...}}
    Specifies the columns to be read.
  • FROM itab1 ... FROM itab2 ...
    Specifies the internal tables involved.
  • INTO wa1 ... INTO wa2 ...
    Specifies work areas for the results.
  • VALID flag1 ... VALID flag2 ...
    Specifies whether the intervals of the internal tables in the current loop overlap or not.
  • BOUNDS intliml1 AND intlimu1 ... BOUNDS intliml2 AND intlimu2 ...
    Specifies two special columns for every internal table, whose values must be interpreted as limits of closed intervals.
  • WHERE log_exp1 ... WHERE log_exp2 ...
    Specifies conditions using logical expressions: log_exp1, log_exp2, ... and so on.
  • BETWEEN extliml AND extlimu
    Specifies an outer interval.
    Runs the loop for non-overlapping intervals as well.