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WRITE - int_format_options

Short Reference

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


    { { [EXPONENT exp]
        [CURRENCY cur]
        { { [DECIMALS dec]
            [ROUND scale] }
          | [UNIT unit] } }
          [TIME ZONE tz]
      [STYLE stl] }
    [USING { {NO EDIT MASK}|{EDIT MASK mask} }]
    [ DD/MM/YY   | MM/DD/YY
    | DDMMYY     | MMDDYY
    | YYMMDD ] ...


These formatting options override the predefined formats of the statement WRITE for list outputs. The formatting result is adjusted to the output length. If the system executes a conversion routine during output, the other format_options are ignored.

The formatting options are the same as for the statement WRITE ... TO, except for the the following special aspects:

  • If the additions NO-SIGN, CURRENCY, DECIMALS, ROUND, UNIT are used with the length specification * or ** after AT, they are applied first and the output length is determined based on the result.
  • The cutoff behavior is different when using the addition TIME ZONE for time stamps.
  • If USING EDIT MASK is used and the output length specified explicitly using len, the conversion routine is executed for the length specified; in all other cases, it is executed for the implicit output length. If * or ** is specified for the output length, the corresponding rules are applied to the converted result.
  • If USING EDIT MASK is used and the output length * specified, the system sets the exact length required in the list display. If in Unicode systems characters of the edit mask are replaced by characters occupying more than one column on the list, the system extends the output length accordingly and fills the output in the list buffer with blanks.
  • If USING EDIT MASK is used and the output length ** specified, double the length of the edit mask mask is used.
  • If USING EDIT MASK is used in Unicode systems, the character "_" in the edit mask does not necessarily correspond to one column in the list display since the space required for the display depends on the replacement character.
  • If DD/MM/YY ... is used and the output length specified using * or **, the length is set to the length of the specified edit mask (6, 8, or 10).