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SELECT - extended_result

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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... EXTENDED RESULT @oref ... 


The EXTENDED RESULT addition of the INTO clause can be used to provide an extended result of the current main query in a result object. After EXTENDED RESULT you must specify an object reference variable oref of static type for the documented class CL_OSQL_EXTENDED_RESULT as a host variable, which points to an object of the class. The reference variable must be prefixed with the escape character @.

The following applies for use of EXTENDED RESULT:

  • The reference variable must not be initial and the object generation must be carried out before execution of the ABAP SQL statement. Parameters specifying which values the extended result should include must be passed to the instance constructor of class CL_OSQL_EXTENDED_RESULT.
  • If possible, the result object is supplied with the requested values at first database access.
  • If a loop is opened with the statements SELECT or WITH, the result object is supplied once at entry into the loop.
  • If the INTO clause after FETCH is used for the results set of a database cursor that is opened with OPEN CURSOR, the result object is filled once in the first FETCH statement.
  • After the ABAP SQL statement is closed, the required values can be read using the instance methods of the class. If the result object does not then contain any results, or no valid results, an exception of the class CX_OSQL_EXTENDED_RESULT is raised.


The addition EXTENDED RESULT can currently only be used for access to cached views of the SAP HANA database.


Excerpt from the executable example SAP HANA, Cached Views.

DATA(extended_result) = 
  NEW cl_osql_extended_result( iv_cached_view = abap_true ). 
SELECT carrid, 
       MAX( fldate )   AS max_fldate , 
       MIN( price )    AS min_price, 
       SUM( seatsocc ) AS sum_seatsocc 
       FROM demo_cds_cached_view 
       GROUP BY carrid 
       INTO TABLE @DATA(result) 
       EXTENDED RESULT @extended_result.