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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Obsolete Syntax

TYPES dtype TYPE cds_entity CLIENT SPECIFIED clnt.


The statement TYPES uses the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED to define a structured type constructed from all components of a CDS entity cds_entity and that also has an initial component clnt with the type of a client column.

cds_entity expects the name of a non-abstract CDS entity, namely:

Any name for the client column that complies with the naming conventions can be specified for clnt.


  • A structure of a type defined using this statement can be used as a work area of a SELECT statement for CDS entities in which implicit client handling is disabled using the obsolete statement CLIENT SPECIFIEDs. USING is used to switch implicit client handling and not disable it, which means the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED is also obsolete for TYPES.
  • If the statement is used for a client-specific CDS table function, a structured type is produced that matches the row structure of the return value of the associated AMDP function implementation. This type is not, however, required in ABAP programs, since the AMDP function implementation cannot be called like a regular function method
  • The name specified for clnt has absolutely no dependency on the actual name of a client column in a data source of a CDS view.
  • Abstract CDS entities cannot be specified.


Defines a row type scarr_spfli_clnt for an internal table used as a target area when a client-specific CDS view is accessed using the obsolete addition CLIENT SPECIFIED of the SELECT statement. If the addition CLIENT SPECIFIED of the statement TYPES is not used, the column clnt would not exist in the table scarr_spfli_clnt and could not be used as a target range.

TYPES scarr_spfli_clnt TYPE demo_cds_scarr_spfli CLIENT SPECIFIED clnt. 

DATA scarr_spfli_clnt TYPE TABLE OF scarr_spfli_clnt WITH EMPTY KEY. 

       FROM demo_cds_scarr_spfli CLIENT SPECIFIED 
       INTO TABLE @scarr_spfli_clnt.

The following example shows how the recommended addition USING ALL CLIENTS is used, for which no special target area is required.

DATA scarr_spfli TYPE TABLE OF demo_cds_scarr_spfli WITH EMPTY KEY. 

       FROM demo_cds_scarr_spfli USING ALL CLIENTS 
       INTO TABLE @scarr_spfli.