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Statements in the Dynpro Flow Logic

The dynpro flow logic is the procedural part of a dynpro. It is created using an ABAP-like programming language in Screen Painter on the Flow Logic tab page. The syntax rules of the dynpro flow logic are largely similar to the rules for ABAP. In particular, statements are ended using a period, chained statements can be formed, and the same rules apply for comments. In suitable positions, literals can be used whose syntax matches that of ABAP literals and whose value range is determined by the requirements of the current statement.

The dynpro flow logic, like ABAP programs, is structured from processing blocks. Possible processing blocks are the four event blocks for the dynpro events PBO, PAI, POH and POV, which all start with the key word PROCESS. These event blocks contain a small set of statements that are described in the following sections, and which offer the the following functions:

  • Call dialog modules of the ABAP program using MODULE

The statements in the event blocks of the dynpro flow logic are normally processed sequentially. Branches result from error handling following input checks in dialog modules. Screen elements in table form are processed in loops.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


As well as the statements shown here, a range of obsolete statements for dynpro flow logic exists.






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