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In addition to the option of implementing BAdI methods of a normal BAdI as AMDP procedure implementations and making these methods callable by using CALL BADI, it is also possible to create special AMDP BAdIs. An AMDP BAdI is a BAdI that is labeled accordingly in BAdI Builder and has the following properties:

  • Definition and implementation
  • An AMDP BAdI does not have any filters.
  • Every BAdI method of an AMDP BAdI must be an AMDP procedure implementation.
  • Every AMDP method must be implemented for the same database system.
  • Call BAdI methods
  • The AMDP procedures of an AMDP BAdI created on the database can be called here (like all AMDP procedures) from other AMDP methods in the same database system. These AMDP procedures are specified using the name of a BAdI implementation class. The usage must be declared after the addition USING of the calling method.
In both cases, execution is performed in accordance with the rules of the enhancement concept and the corresponding switch in Switch Framework. If no enhancement is available, the mandatory fallback implementation class is implemented.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • AMDP BAdIs are primarily used to execute calls of AMDP procedures from AMDP procedures or functions, in accordance with the rules of the switch-based enhancement concept. Although switch-based calls of AMDP procedure implementations can be made from ABAP programs without AMDP BAdIs, these calls can only be made from AMDP procedures or functions for AMDP procedure implementations of AMDP BAdIs. The AMDP framework ensures that the relevant database procedure for the current database switch setting is created on the database.

  • Before the AMDP procedure of an AMDP BAdI can be called from other AMDP procedures or functions without syntax errors, it must already exist on the database when the calling method is created. For this reason, fallback BAdI implementation classes are mandatory for AMDP BAdIs, whose AMDP procedures can be created on the database whenever required.