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AMDP - L for the SAP HANA Database

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

This function is only for internal use within SAP. Customers and partners are not allowed to use this function.

L is a low-level programming language used for programming L procedures on the SAP HANA database. L is the implementation language of an AMDP method that specifies the addition FOR HDB LANGUAGE LLANG when the statement METHOD is used.

The programming language L is only documented internally at SAP. The following list contains special properties and additional restrictions for AMDP methods methods implemented in L:

  • L procedures provide read-only access only. This restriction is made either in the declaration of the AMDP method using the addition AMDP OPTIONS READ-ONLY or in the implementation of the AMDP method using the addition OPTIONS READ-ONLY.
  • L procedures do not have relationships with other database objects. The addition USING cannot be specified in the implementation.
  • When an L procedure is saved in the database system, any asterisks (*) at the start of a line are transformed to double slashes (//).
  • Only those L functions can be called within AMDP methods that are defined in the same AMDP method.
  • Parameter interface:
  • An AMDP method for an L procedure cannot have any input/output parameters defined using CHANGING.
  • An AMDP method for an L procedure must have at least one output parameter defined using EXPORTING. Output parameters must be tabular with a structured row type and cannot be scalar.


The programming language L can only be used internally and with restrictions at SAP. For general programming with the SAP HANA database, SQL or the script language SQL Script must be used. The use of L by customers and partners is not supported.

Executable Example

AMDP, Implementation of an L Procedure