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AMDP, Implementation of an L Procedure

This example demonstrates the implementation of a procedure in the programming language L using AMDP.

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Source Code

    IF cl_db_sys=>is_in_memory_db = abap_false.
        `Example can be executed on SAP HANA Database only` ).

    DATA(text) = `World`.
    cl_demo_input=>request( CHANGING field = text ).
    IF text IS INITIAL.

        NEW cl_demo_amdp_l_hello_world(
              )->hello_world( EXPORTING text  = text
                              IMPORTING texts = DATA(texts) ).
      CATCH cx_amdp_error INTO DATA(amdp_error).
        cl_demo_output=>display( amdp_error->get_text( ) ).

    cl_demo_output=>display( texts ).


The following L procedure is implemented in the AMDP method HELLO_WORLD of the AMDP class CL_DEMO_AMDP_L_HELLO_WORLD:

                   FOR HDB LANGUAGE LLANG
                   OPTIONS READ-ONLY.
* Hello World in L
  typedef Table <String "TEXT"> TT_TABLE;  /* Type definition
                                              repeated  */
  //Main entry point
  export Void main(String text, TT_TABLE & texts)
    { String hello = String("Hello ");
      texts."TEXT"[0z] = hello.append( text ).append( "!" ); }

The tabular output parameter is created from a predefined text and an interactive input made in the ABAP program.


The programming language L can only be used internally and with restrictions at SAP. For general programming with the SAP HANA database, SQL or the script language SQL Script must be used. The use of L by customers and partners is not supported.