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ABAP CDS - Annotation Syntax, .subAnno

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


... .subAnno[:   value  ]
           |[: { subannos } ]
           |[: [ arrelem ] ]
           |[.subAnno[ ... ]]


Concatenates an annotation with a subannotation subanno. The concatenation is indicated by a period (.). The name of the subannotation can contain letters, numbers, and underscores only and must start with a letter. The same information can be specified after the name as specified after the main annotation:

  • A colon (:) followed by the following:
  • A concatenation with a further subannotation subAnno using a period (.).

Only those subannotations should be specified that are supported by the associated annotation definition.


  • Alongside individual subannotations specified using structured annotation names. multiple subannotations can be specified using a comma-separated list and curly brackets.

  • A structured annotation name must be unique within the scope of the annotation.


The following annotation definition is applied.

@Scope:[#VIEW, #EXTEND_VIEW]  
define annotation  
  DemoSubAnnos: {  
    subAnno1: Boolean;  
    subAnno2: { subAnno1: Integer;  
                subAnno2: { subAnno1: Integer;  
                            subAnno2: Integer; } } };

The subannotations can then, for example, be specified as follows:

@DemoSubAnnos.subAnno1: true
@DemoSubAnnos.subAnno2.subAnno1: 1
@DemoSubAnnos.subAnno2.subAnno2.subAnno1: 1
@DemoSubAnnos.subAnno2.subAnno2.subAnno2: 2

This example has the same semantics as the example using comma-separated lists.