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ABAP CDS - DEFINE ROLE, access_rules

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

Syntax Forms

1. ... conditional_rule|grant_rule
     [conditional_rule| grant_rule]

2. ... inherited_rule
     [conditional_rule| grant_rule]
     [conditional_rule| grant_rule]


Access rules that can be specified in curly brackets in the statement DEFINE ROLE to define a CDS role in CDS DCL. Each access rule defines access to a CDS entity. There are three types of access rule:

  • Full access rules grant_rule that grant unrestricted access

Multiple access rules can be combined in a single CDS role, but an inherited access rule inherited_rule can only occur once.

The access conditions defined by the individual access rules are joined with a logical "or". In the same way, the access rules defined by different CDS roles for a CDS entity are joined by a logical "or".


It is advisable to use only one access rule in a CDS role.


ABAP CDS - DEFINE ROLE, conditional_rule

ABAP CDS - DEFINE ROLE, grant_rule

ABAP CDS - DEFINE ROLE, inherited_rule (obsolete)