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Conversion Rules for Structures

Assignments between structures distinguish between flat structures and deep structures:

  • Deep structures can only be assigned to each other if they are compatible. Full compatibility is not required for the following deep components, to which the specified requirements apply:
  • For flat structures, there are conversion rules for the following assignments between incompatible data objects:

Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54


  • If substring access is performed on a structure and the substring is shorter than the structure, the substring is handled like an operand of type c and the corresponding conversion rules apply. If the substring is exactly the same length as the structure, the substring is handled like the structure itself.

  • A lossless assignment can be used to apply the same assignment rule to flat structures as to deep structures.

  • The conversion rules for structures are designed to prevent handleable exceptions from being raised. If a conversion is allowed, it takes place.

Programming Guideline

Avoid unexpected conversion results


Conversion Between Flat Structures

Conversion Between Flat Structures and Single Fields

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