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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54



EXTEND TYPE struct|dbtab WITH append_struct {


Dictionary DDL statement for defining an ABAP Dictionary append structure append_struct in the ABAP Development Tools.

  • The statement EXTEND TYPE adds the append structure append_struct defined here either to an existing structure struct or to a database table dbtab.
  • The mandatory properties of the append structure must be specified in front of the statement EXTEND TYPE using the same annotations structure_annos as in the definition of a structure.
  • As in the definition of a structure using DEFINE STRUCTURE, the components of the append structure are defined in a semicolon-separated list in curly brackets { }, either as individual components component or by including include structures include.
  • As when including structures, an assignment to a search help and a definition of a foreign key dependency can be overwritten using additions extend in a blank-separated list.


  • As in the CDS syntax, the definition of an ABAP Dictionary append structure can contain comments after // and between /* ... */.

  • A more detailed description of the syntax is available in the ADT documentation Syntax of ABAP Dictionary Objects.


Adds the append structure DEMO_APPEND_STRUCTURE to the structure DEMO_STRUCTURE in the ADT.

@EndUserText.label : 'Demo append structure'
@AbapCatalog.enhancementCategory : #EXTENSIBLE_CHARACTER_NUMERIC
extend type demo_structure with demo_append_structure {
  comp3 : dats;
  comp4 : tims; }

The source code used to define the structure DEMO_STRUCTURE is not modified by this enhancement. In the ADT, however, an icon indicates that the structure is enhanced using DEMO_APPEND_STRUCTURE.