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ABAP Keyword Documentation 

ABAP Examples


Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

ABAP Objects, Classes

ABAP Objects, Events

ABAP Objects, Inheritance

ABAP Objects, Interfaces

ABAP Objects, OO Transaction

ABAP Objects, Overview


ADBC, Parameter Binding

ADBC, Prepared Statement

ADBC, Query

ADBC, Stored Procedure

Arithmetic Calculations

Ascertaining Data Types

Ascertaining Object Types

asXML, Mapping of Anonymous Data Objects

asXML, Mapping of Elementary Data Types

asXML, Mapping of Objects

asXML, Mapping of Qualified Names

asXML, Mapping of Structures

asXML, Mapping of Tables

asXML, Mapping of UUIDs

asXML, Mapping of XML Fragments

asXML, Transformation ID vs. Simple Transformation

Bit Functions

Call Dialog Module

Calling Function Modules

Calling Lists from Within Screen Processing

Character String Functions, cmax, cmin and segment

Character String Templates, Alignments, and Padding

Character String Templates, Date Formats

Character String Templates, Number Formats

Character String Templates, Time Formats

Character String Templates, Upper/Lower Case

Checkpoints and checkpoint groups

Comparing Internal Tables

Contexts, message handling

Control Level Processing

Conversion Costs

Conversion of Integer Numbers to Bytes

Conversion Rules for Structures

Converting Time Stamps

Creating a Class Instance as a Shared Object

Creating a Data Object as a Shared Object

Creating a Structure Using RTTC

creating elementary data objects

Creating Reference Variables

Creating Structured Data Objects

Creating Tabular Data Objects

Decimal Floating Point Numbers, Formatting with STYLE

Deep Data Objects, Memory Consumption

Deriving LOB Handle Structures

Determining Data Object Distances

Determining Elementary Data Types

Dynamic Selections

Dynpros, Splitter Control

Dynpros, Strings

Dynpros, Subscreens

Evaluating Character-Like Date Fields and Time Fields

Exceptions - CATCH

Exceptions, RAISE

Exceptions, TRY

Extracts - Ascertaining Numbers and Totals

Extracts - Control Level Processing

Extremum functions nmax, nmin

Field Symbols - Casting

Field Symbols - Casting Decimal Places

Field Symbols - Casting Predefined Data Types

Field Symbols - Casting Structures


Floating Point Numbers, Arithmetic Calculations

Generic and Complete Typing

Handling Exceptions During RFCs

Inheritance Events

Internal Table, Appending Rows

Internal Tables - Deleting Duplicate Rows

Internal Tables - Deleting Rows Using the Index

Internal Tables - Inserting Rows

Internal Tables, Deleting Rows Using Keys

Internal tables, index assess with key specification

Internal Tables, Key Accesses

Internal Tables, Loop with Key Specified

Internal Tables, Nested Tables

Internal Tables, Output Area


Lists, Dialog Boxes

Lists, HIDE Technique

Lists, Line Elements

Lists, Page Header

Lists, Page Layout

Lists, Printing

Lists, Supported Colors

Lists, Using Colors

Locator, Access to Column Content

Locator, Copy Column

Locking and Unlocking

Logical Database, Call

Lossless Assignment

Lossless Calculations


Method Chaining

Native SQL

Numerical Functions

Parallel asynchronous RFC

Passing Parameters

Persistence Service

Predicate Function, matches

Program Calls, Filling the Selection Screen

Program Calls, Influencing the Basic List

Query Service

Read Stream, Read Out Database Table

Reading Data Through the Cursor

Regular Expressions

Rounding Function: Round

Runtime Measurement of Database Accesses

Screens, Automatic Input Checks

Screens, CFW

Screens, CFW Events

Screens, Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Screens, Conditional Module Call

Screens, Context Menus

Screens, Determinig the Cursor Position

Screens, Determining the Cursor Position

Screens, Dynamic Screen Modification

Screens, Field Help

Screens, FIELD Statement

Screens, Fields with Reference to Dictionary

Screens, GUI Status and Function Codes

Screens, Holding Data

Screens, HTML Browser

Screens, Input Checks in Dialog Modules

Screens, Input Checks in the Flow Logic

Screens, Input Help in Dialog Modules

Screens, Input Help of the ABAP Dictionary

Screens, List Box with Value List from Input Help

Screens, List Box with Value List from PBO Module

Screens, Processing Input and Output Fields

Screens, Pushbuttons

Screens, Screen Input Help

Screens, Screen Sequences

Screens, Simple Module Call

Screens, Status Icons

Screens, Tabstrips with scrolling in the SAP GUI

Screens, Tabstrips with Scrolling on the Applications Server

Screens, Text output

Screens, Unconditional Module Call

SELECT, Dynamic Token Specification

Selection Screens - Pushbuttons in Application Toolbar

Selection Screens as Subscreens

Selection Screens in Tabstrips

Selection Screens, Basic Form of Selection Criteria

Selection screens, call standalone selection screens

Selection Screens, Changing the Default GUI Status

Selection Screens, Default Values for Selection Criteria

Selection Screens, Display Properties for Parameters

Selection screens, dynamic Dictionary reference

Selection Screens, Field Help

Selection Screens, Input Help

Selection screens, processing blocks and radio buttons

Selection screens, pushbuttons

Selection Screens, Value Properties of Parameters

Selection Tables in Logical Expressions

Selection Tables in the WHERE Clause

Set Operations with Bit Sequences

Set Text Environment

Simple Transformation for Internal Tables

Simple Transformation for structures

Simple Transformation, Method Call

Sorting Internal Tables

Sorting Internal Tables Alphabetically

Sorting Internal Tables with Secondary Keys

Step Loop

String Functions, count, find, and match

String Functions, distance

String Functions, escape

String Functions, shift and substring

String Functions, to_mixed and from_mixed

String Templates, Algebraic Sign

String Templates, Control Characters

String Templates, Formatting Settings

String Templates, Length

String Templates, Time Zones



Subscreens on Selection Screens

Table Control with Modifications

Table Control with Scrolling

Tabstrips on Selection Screens

Transaction Call, BDC Table

Transaction Call, Dialog Transaction

Transaction call, report transaction

Transaction Call, SPA/GPA Parameters

Transaction Service

User Dialogs

Write Stream, Fill Database

WRITE, Cutoff Behavior

XSL Transformation