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ABAP Keyword Documentation 

ABAP Examples

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Other versions: 7.31 | 7.40 | 7.54

2048 Game

ABAP as HTTP Client

ABAP CDS - Joins of Associations

ABAP CDS - Publishing CDS Associations

ABAP CDS, Annotation Array

ABAP CDS, Evaluation of Annotations

ABAP Objects, Classes

ABAP Objects, Events

ABAP Objects, Friendship

ABAP Objects, Inheritance

ABAP Objects, Interfaces

ABAP Objects, OO Transaction

ABAP Objects, Overview

ABAP SQL, Parameter Passing to a CDS View

Accessing the MIME Repository from a HTTP Service

Accessing the MIME Repository Using ICF

ADBC, Bulk Access


ADBC, Parameter Binding

ADBC, Prepared Statement

ADBC, Query

ADBC, Stored Procedure

ADF, Creating and Using an ABAP Daemon

ADF, Mini ABAP Daemon

AMC, Receiving Messages

AMC, Sending Messages

AMC, Suppressing Standalone Messages

AMDP Method with Specified Service Connection

AMDP, Access to ABAP Types

AMDP, Access to Database Schemas

AMDP, AMDP Functions

AMDP, AMDP Methods in Interfaces and Superclasses

AMDP, Calling an AMDP Procedure from SQLScript

AMDP, Calling an SQLScript Procedure from AMDP

AMDP, Comparison of SQLScript with ABAP SQL

AMDP, Fill a Mesh with SQLScript

AMDP, Implementation of an L Procedure

AMDP, Implementation of an SQLScript Procedure

AMDP, SQL Script with Tabular CHANGING Parameter

APC, AS ABAP as Attached Client

APC, AS ABAP as TCP Socket Client

APC, AS ABAP as WebSocket Client

APC, AS ABAP as WebSocket Server

APC, Creating a Detached Client

APC, System-Wide Access

Arithmetic Calculations

asXML, Deserialization of Structure Components

asXML, Mapping of Anonymous Data Objects

asXML, Mapping of Elementary Data Types

asXML, Mapping of Objects

asXML, Mapping of Qualified Names

asXML, Mapping of Structures

asXML, Mapping of Tables

asXML, Mapping of UUIDs

asXML, Mapping of XML Fragments

asXML, Transformation ID vs. Simple Transformation

Bit function

Calling a Dialog Module

Calling an HTTP Service

Calling an HTTP Service Using the POST Method

Calling Function Modules

Calling Lists from Dynpro Processing

Case Distinction CASE TYPE OF for Exceptions

Case Distinction CASE TYPE OF for RTTI

CDS Metadata Extensions with CDS Variants

CDS Views, Client Handling

CDS Views, Obsolete Client Handling

Chaining Strings

Changing Multiple Rows in Mesh Paths

Changing Single Rows in Mesh Paths

Character String Functions, cmax, cmin, and segment

Character String Templates, Time Stamp Formats

Checkpoints and Checkpoint Groups


CL_ABAP_CORRESPONDING for Nested Structures

CL_ABAP_CORRESPONDING for Simple Structures

CL_ABAP_CORRESPONDING for Tabular Components


Client-Specific CDS Table Functions

Comparing Internal Tables

Comparing Text Strings of Different Length

Comparison with Selection Table

Component Operator for Internal Tables

Component Operator for Structures

Component Operator for Table Expression

Component Operator, Comparison with FOR Expression

Component Operator, Handling Duplicates

Component operator, lookup table

Component Operator, Mapping Rule

Component Operator, Nested Mapping Rule

Component Operator, Reflexive Assignment

Conditional Operator, Type Inference

Contexts, Message Handling

Control Level Processing

Control Level Processing for Unsorted Tables

Control Level Processing with Nested Groups

Conversion Costs

Conversion of Integer Numbers to Bytes

Conversion Operator, Enumerated Types

Conversion Operator, Type Inference

Conversion Rules for Structures

Convert Time Stamp in Time Stamp Field

Convert Time Stamps in Packed Numbers

Converting a Classic Example to a Class-Based Exception

Converting the Exception error_message to a Class-Based Exception

Creating a Data Object as a Shared Object

Creating a Matrix Using FOR and VALUE

Creating a Structure Using RTTC

Creating an Instance of a Class as a Shared Object

Creating Data Objects with Implicit Type

Creating Elementary Data Objects

Creating Reference Variables

Creating Structured Data Objects

Creating Tables Using FOR and VALUE

Creating Tabular Data Objects

Creating Values with FOR and REDUCE

Cross-Client CDS Table Functions

Decimal Floating Point Numbers, Formatting with STYLE

Declaration of a Nested Structure

Declaration of a Simple Structure

Deep Data Objects, Memory Consumption

Deleting Multiple Rows in Mesh Paths

Deleting Single Rows in Mesh Paths

Deriving LOB Handle Structures

Deserializing Empty Elements

Deserializing Missing Elements

Determining Data Object Distances

Determining Data Types

Determining Elementary Data Types

Determining Object Types

Dynamic RFC Destination

Dynamic Selections

Dynpros, Automatic Input Checks

Dynpros, CFW

Dynpros, CFW Events

Dynpros, Checkboxes, and Radio Buttons

Dynpros, Conditional Module Calls

Dynpros, Context Menus

Dynpros, Determining the Cursor Position

Dynpros, Dynamic Screen Modifications

Dynpros, Dynpro Sequences

Dynpros, Field Help

Dynpros, FIELD Statement

Dynpros, Fields with Reference to ABAP Dictionary

Dynpros, GUI Status, and Function Codes

Dynpros, Holding Data

Dynpros, HTML Browser

Dynpros, HTML from the MIME Repository

Dynpros, Images in HTML

Dynpros, Input Checks in Dialog Modules

Dynpros, Input Help from ABAP Dictionary

Dynpros, Input Help in Dialog Modules

Dynpros, Input in HTML File

Dynpros, List Box with Value List from Input Help

Dynpros, List Box with Value List from PBO Module

Dynpros, Obsolete Input Check Using SELECT

Dynpros, Obsolete Input Help Using SELECT

Dynpros, Pushbuttons

Dynpros, Setting the Cursor Position

Dynpros, Simple Module Calls

Dynpros, Splitter Control

Dynpros, Status Icons

Dynpros, Strings

Dynpros, Subscreens

Dynpros, Tabstrips with Scrolling in SAP GUI

Dynpros, Tabstrips with Scrolling on the ABAP Server

Dynpros, Text Output

Dynpros, Unconditional Module Call

Enumerated Objects, Deserialization

Enumerated Objects, Type Description

Enumerated Objects, Use

Evaluating Date Fields and Time Fields

Events in Inheritance

Exception Handling in RFC

Exceptions, CATCH

Exceptions, RAISE

Exceptions, TRY

EXEC SQL, Accessing a Database Function


Extracts, Control Level Processing

Extracts, Determining Numbers and Totals

Extracts, Processing

Extremum Functions nmax, nmin


Field Symbols, Cast Structures

Field Symbols, Casting

Field Symbols, Casting Built-In Data Types

Field Symbols, Casting Decimal Places

Field Symbols, Dynamic Structure Components

Filling a Structure

Flagging of Deprecated Data in Check Tables

Floating Point Numbers, Arithmetic Calculations

FOR Expressions for Mesh Paths

Forward Associations in Mesh Paths

Generic Typing and Full Typing

Global Temporary Tables, Access

GROUPING, Grouping Function




Host Expressions, Use in the WHERE Condition

Identity Transformation to asXML Format

IF_T100_DYN_MSG for Exception error_message

IF_T100_DYN_MSG in a Global Exception Class

IF_T100_DYN_MSG in a Local Exception Class

IF_T100_DYN_MSG in a Regular Class

IF_T100_MESSAGE for Exception with Message

IF_T100_MESSAGE in Global Exception Class

IF_T100_MESSAGE in Local Exception Class

IF_T100_MESSAGE in Regular Class

Implicit Logon Data in RFC

Inner, Outer, and Cross Joins



Insertions in Mesh Paths

Integer Power Function ipow

Internal Table as a Data Source of a SELECT Statement

Internal Table as a Data Source of the Hierarchy Generator

Internal Table, Append Rows

Internal Table, Grouping with FOR for Aggregates

Internal Table, Grouping with FOR for Sorts

Internal Table, Grouping with FOR Using Column Values

Internal Tables, Deleting Duplicate Rows

Internal Tables, Deleting Rows Using the Index

Internal Tables, Deleting Rows Using WHERE

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR in Control Levels

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR in Overlaps

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR in Packages

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR Using a Comparison

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR Using a Function

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR Using a Method

Internal Tables, Grouping with FOR, Nesting

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP and FOR

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP and Sort

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP for Aggregates

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP in Control Levels

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP in Overlaps

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP in Packages

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP Using a Comparison

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP Using a Function

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP Using a Method

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP Using Column Values

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP, Explicit and Implicit

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP, Nesting

Internal Tables, Grouping with LOOP, Output Behavior

Internal Tables, Index Access with Key Specified

Internal Tables, Index Function

Internal Tables, Inserting Rows

Internal tables, Introduction to LOOP AT GROUP BY

Internal Tables, Key Accesses

Internal Tables, Loop with Key Specified

Internal Tables, Nested Tables

Internal Tables, Output Area

Internal Tables, Random Grouping with LOOP

Inverse Associations in Mesh Paths

Inverse Reads on Internal Table with FOR

iXML Library, Access Adjacent Subnodes

iXML Library, Access Attributes

iXML Library, Access Using Name

iXML Library, Access Using Node List

iXML Library, Create Nodes

iXML Library, Create Simple Elements

iXML Library, DOM Representation

iXML Library, Down Casts

iXML Library, Filter for Iterator

iXML Library, Iterator for Attributes

iXML Library, Iterator for Element List

iXML Library, Iterator for Node List

iXML Library, Iterator for Nodes

iXML Library, Modify XML Documents

iXML Library, Parse to DOM

iXML Library, Render

iXML Library, Sequential Parsing

iXML Library, Token Parsers and Renderers, Iterative

iXML Library, Token Parsers and Renderers, Table


JSON, asJSON (General)

JSON, asJSON for Additional XML Schema Data Types

JSON, asJSON for Anonymous Data Objects

JSON, asJSON for Elementary ABAP Types

JSON, asJSON for Internal Tables

JSON, asJSON for Object References

JSON, asJSON for Structures

JSON, Create from XML Data

JSON, Identity Transformation with JSON Writer as Target

JSON, Object Components in JSON-XML

JSON, Parse

JSON, Render

JSON, Simple Transformation for Internal Tables

JSON, Simple Transformation for Name Attributes

JSON, Transformation to HTML

JSON, Transforming Names

LET Expression

Lists, Dialog Boxes

Lists, HIDE Technique

Lists, Line Elements

Lists, Page Header

Lists, Page Layout

Lists, Supported Colors

Lists, Using Colors

Locator, Access to Column Content

Locator, copy column

Logical Database, Associated with a Program

Logical Database, Call by Function Module

Loops Across Mesh Paths

Lossless Assignment

Lossless Calculations


Mesh Path Expressions

Method Chaining


Modified Serialization and Deserialization


MOVE-CORRESPONDING for Internal Tables


Multiple Joins

Numeric Functions

Parallel Asynchronous RFC

Parameter Passing in sRFC and aRFC

Pass by Parameter

Path Expressions, Use in the FROM Clause

Path Expressions, Use in the SELECT List

Persistence Service

Predicate Expression IS INSTANCE OF

Predicate Expression IS NOT BOUND

Predicate Function, matches

Predicative Method Calls

Program Calls, Filling the Selection Screen

Program Calls, Modifying the Basic List

Program Generation

Query Service

Read Time Stamp from String

Reader Stream, Read Database Table

Reading Data Using Cursors

Reduce Operator, Type Inference

Reflexive Associations in Mesh Paths

Reflexive Component Assignments

Regular Expressions

Relational Operators for Character-Like Data Types

Replacement Object for Database Table

Rounding Function round

Runtime Measurement of Database Reads

SAP HANA, ABAP-Specific Session Variables

SAP HANA, Cached Views

SAP HANA, Call Database Procedure

SAP HANA, Currency Conversion with SQLScript

SAP HANA, Database Procedure Proxy


SAP Locks, Set and Release



Screens, Processing Input and Output Fields

SELECT, Create Internal Table as Target Area

SELECT, Create Structure as Target Area

SELECT, Dynamic ORDER-BY Clause

SELECT, Dynamic Token Specification

SELECT, GROUP BY for SQL Expressions

SELECT, Grouping Sets

SELECT, Inline Declarations

SELECT, Restriction of the Rows in the Results Set

SELECT, Union for Building a Ranges Table

SELECT, Union of CDS View with Input Parameters

SELECT, Union of Multiple Tables

SELECT, Union with Aggregate Expression

SELECT, Union with Global Temporary Table

Selection Screens as Subscreens

Selection Screens in Tabstrips

Selection Screens, Basic Form of Selection Criteria

Selection Screens, Block Processing and Radio Button Processing

Selection Screens, Calling Standalone Selection Screens

Selection Screens, Changing the Default GUI Status

Selection Screens, Default Values for Selection Criteria

Selection Screens, Display Properties for Parameters

Selection Screens, Dynamic Dictionary Reference

Selection Screens, Field Help

Selection Screens, Input Help

Selection Screens, Pushbuttons

Selection Screens, Pushbuttons in the Application Toolbar

Selection Screens, Value Properties of Parameters

Serialization to Heap or Embedded

Serializing Data References

Set Operations with Bit Sequences

Setting Mesh Associations for Mesh Paths

Setting the Text Environment

Shared Objects

Simple Transformation, Example of an ST Program

Simple Transformation, Formatting Options

Simple Transformation, Internal Table

Simple Transformation, Mapping of XML Fragments

Simple Transformation, Method Call

Simple Transformation, Option for Decimal Places

Simple Transformation, Option for Invalid Values

Simple Transformation, Option for Regime

Simple Transformation, Structures

Simple Transformation, tt:value

Sorting Internal Tables

Sorting Internal Tables Alphabetically

Sorting Internal Tables Dynamically

Sorting Internal Tables with Secondary Keys

Spooling Lists

SQL Expression, Aggregate Function string_agg

SQL Expressions in the WHERE Condition

SQL Expressions, Aggregate Expressions in SQL Expressions

SQL expressions, arithmetic calculations

SQL Expressions, Cast Expression

SQL Expressions, Chainings

SQL Expressions, Coalesce Function

SQL Expressions, Complex CASE

SQL Expressions, Constant in SELECT List

SQL Expressions, Simple CASE

SQL Expressions, String Functions

SQL Expressions, Use in Aggregate Expressions

SQL Expressions, Window Expressions

SQL Expressions, Window Expressions with Grouping

SQL Expressions, Window Expressions with Sort

SQL Expressions, Window Expressions Without Partition

SQL Expressions, Window Functions LEAD and LAG

SQL Function UPPER

Step Loop

String Functions, count, find, and match

String Functions, distance

String Functions, escape for HTML

String Functions, escape for XSS

String Functions, shift and substring

String Functions, to_mixed and from_mixed

String Templates, Alignments, and Padding

String Templates, asXML Format

String Templates, Case

String Templates, Control Characters

String Templates, Date Formats

String Templates, Formatting Settings

String Templates, Length

String Templates, Number Formats

String Templates, Sign

String Templates, Strings of Digits

String Templates, Time Formats

String Templates, Time Zones

Structure from ABAP Dictionary

Subquery in WHERE Condition

Subscreens on Selection Screens


sXML Library - Token-Based Rendering

sXML Library, Formats

sXML Library, Methods for Token-Based Parsing.

sXML Library, Modify XML Data

sXML Library, Namespace Declarations in Token-Based Rendering.

sXML Library, Object-Oriented Parsing

sXML Library, Object-Oriented Rendering

sXML Library, Steps in Token-Based Parsing

sXML Library, Token-Based Parsing

sXML Library, Transformation from XML Reader

sXML Library, Transformation of Formats

sXML, Transformation to XML Writer

Table Builds Using Mesh Paths

Table Comprehensions, Basic Properties

Table Comprehensions, Join

Table Comprehensions, Local Helper Fields

Table Comprehensions, Multiple FOR Expressions

Table Comprehensions, Multiple Rows

Table Control with Modifications

Table Control with Scrolling

Table Expressions, Chainings

Table Expressions, Default Value

Table Expressions, Side Effects

Table Expressions, Specified Rows

Table Expressions, Writer Positions

Table Filtering, Filter Table

Table Filtering, Filter Table.

Table Filtering, Single Values

Table Reductions, Method Calls

Table Reductions, Multiple FOR Expressions

Table Reductions, String Processing

Table Reductions, Structured Result

Table Reductions, Summation of an Array

Tabstrip Controls on Selection Screens

Transaction Call, BDC Table

Transaction Call, Dialog Transaction

Transaction Call, Report Transaction

Transaction Call, SPA/GPAParameters

Transaction Service

Transformation of XML Element Names

Transformation of XML Syntax Characters



User Dialogs

VALUE - Operator for Internal Tables

VALUE - Operator with LET for Internal Tables

Value Operator, Type Inference

Value Ranges of Packed Numbers

Virtual Sorting of an Internal Table

Virtual Sorting of an Internal Table with Filters

Virtual Sorting of Flight Data

Virtual Sorting of Two Internal Tables

WITH, Aggregation for Join Set

WITH, Client Handling

WITH, Common Table Expressions

WITH, Publishing Associations

WITH, Publishing Associations with a Recursive Redirect

WITH, Publishing Associations with a Redirect

WRITE TO, Cutoff Behavior

Writer Stream, Fill Database Table

XML Sources of Transformations

XML Targets of Transformations